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In consideration of Aurora World Ltd (hereafter called 'The Company') granting credit to the customer, the customer affirms and agrees as follows:
  1. The customer confirms that the information provided in the above application is complete, accurate and true in every respect.
  2. The customer confirms that they have seen, read and have understood the company's terms and conditions of sale.
  3. The customer hereby gives their consent to the company to obtain a credit report concerning them from any credit reporting agency, further to make such enquiries and to receive and give such information as is relevant to establish the customer's credit standing.
  4. In the event that credit is granted, the customer agrees that all invoices from the company will be paid no later than the thirtieth day after the invoices are dated, unless extended terms have been specifically agreed in writing.
  5. The customer agrees that in the event of default in payment beyond the date when the invoice becomes payable, under the agreed terms of credit the customers right to credit is immediately withdrawn making all invoices immediately payable. The customer further agrees to pay all costs incidental to the collection of the account to the company.
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Please note that requests for new accounts will be processed by our office and is not instant. We will be contact with you shortly. Thank you for your interest in Aurora World.